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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No more shenanigans

My dear children, I come to you now on a more serious note. As the artilery from the nearby military installation fires overhead; making their nightly test runs, I can't help but think how much of this once glourious country has been turned into nothing short of a police state with a twisted political system pulling all of the strings.

Ah. One, two, three, four, five... make that six! Seven... eight. Eight gun bursts. For what? My children, I do not jest when I say I am genuinely worried for us. Why are they testing all of this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? To start more wars! AGAIN! More artilery shot! WHY, AMERICA? WHY DO YOU LET *YOUR* GOVERNMENT TRAIN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SHEDDING MORE AND MORE INNOCENT BLOOD?

Obviously, because of the reptilian over lords. ...if only it were that simple.

On a lighter note, Planescape: Torment is a very fun game. I suggest you give it a try if isometric CRPG's are your style.

Untill next time, America.

When will you realize at the fact that you're being brainwashed.

"I'm so tired of acting tough, so now I do what I please. You can say I do, atleast. See ya at Hotel Yaba be glad to see ya later."

These are the words of a certain REPTILIAN OVER LORD that shall not be spoken of.

I update this post with some startling news.

For every star lit in the sky, it burns with a fiery passion of not knowing. This "not-knowing" fourmulae is time for a celebration. Careful not to fall in love with a girl. She loved the world, and the feelings were misleading. They must be fine, their hearts are still beating! Now don't consider cheating now, for the REPTILIAN OVER LORD couldn't think of a thing to do; their left brain knows something. If you begin to feel a little sick, you'll get over it. I can't upload pictures for now, but it'll be a while till the pow. Eat it slowly, eat it quick. I'll show you my dick.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What now...?

Now that the vile REPTILIAN OVER LORDS have practically INFESTED our society; now that we've all been put under their VILE OVER LORD control, what do we do now?

More after the jump.

It has come to my attention...

Some people who've read my blog within the short period it has been open have DOUBTED the information posted on here. I assure you, reader, I would not waste my time to write seemingly ludicrous things if I didn't know for a FACT that it was the absolute truth!

I should have started my blog off with a few of these videos to begin with, but shoulda-woulda-coulda, eh?

This first video is startling footage showing what a PRIME REPTILIAN OVER LORD looks like.

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"Hey, Kurtis! That's no PRIME REPTILIAN OVER LORD! That's just George Bush Sr.!"

WRONG. That's what the REPTILIAN OVER LORDS want you to think! Consider this, if you will, for just a moment. A high ranking authority member who has on MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS sabotaged the AMERICAN GOOD WILL ASSOCIATION. He is the perfect candidate to be a REPTILIAN OVER LORD! His prime position in power gives him all the monetary needs he wants, and for starters, he is a PAWN to the MAIN OVER LORDS.

Moving onto our next video, we'll examine just how integrated the REPTILIAN OVER LORDS have manifested themselves into our society.

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Shocking? I know. Things such as this should NOT be allowed, yet DAY BY DAY more of these ATROCITIES are permitted into life. And WHO exactly is responsible for permitting them? High ranking authority. That's who.

That's all for now, heathens. Take time to reflect over these two videos while I scour the tubes for more RIVETING INFORMATION.


I've recently installed a radio transmitter in my backyard. It is capable of picking up radio signals all the way from China. Yin-hao! Anyways, i'll be spending the next few days monitering radio stations on 4 different frequencies. 101.4 - 1457.5 - 357.4 - and - 35.6  Any audio logs encountered will be recorded for prosecution.

Reptilian Over Lords

Long has it been since they first spawned onto the planet via Boeing 747's, THE REPTILIAN OVER LORDS spawned the tube which would later be the foundation of all human technological breakthroughs; from grooming to toothpaste, it all started with THE REPTILIAN OVER LORDS.

LET us first begin by going over exactly how they got here. From the distant STAR OASIS 152, there was a leak of radiation out of the Chernobyl Distant Galaxy Nuclear Plant. It wad rumored the lead mechanic had a breakdown of hungry and decided the lizards he kept as pets (read: nuclear fission) when he was a child should be given a second life. Thus began the creation of the online video game SECOND LIFE. It had millions of devout loyalists in their colony who found it unreasonable to watch shows like Greta anatomy and the big bang theory. THUS lost was born; and the isalnd grew with power. AS the 5 Boeing 747's landed, the REPTILIAN OVER LORDS found refuge in the once balanced breakfast.

Once they made way to MARS, they constructed the water ponds of dissention and led the tube called Weasel XLR into the earths water faucet. Thus leading to the creation of life and balanced breakfast. These came to be known as "kneeanderfalls", if you will. These "kneeanderfalls" grew to the almighty faucet and found that remnants of the reptilian civilization had once indeed factored into the equation using two-bit adders and a bit of elbow grease. The admiration of these beings became "Christianity" and thier followers soon reached millions of thousands of voters in the upcoming election.

This is how the bush administration came into power.

Their reach was grand at first, but soon the commonday wizards and muffles soon saw thru their guise of insanity, leading to Bolshevik revolts in mid-eastern asia.



The men and children you see above in the picture are suvivors of the Atlantic 512 crash. They landed on a haunted peninsula, filled to the brim with ghosts! There was one particular ghost who was called The dude in red. He wasn't Too nice, but soon walter used his WAAAAAALTER cry and won the battle and eyes of women everywhere. Sun and jin leave one a happy boat crafted by Jack sawyer. Sawyer jack didn't KNOW jack, therefore creating a time aligorithm SPLITTING THE PENINSULA IN THREE! Daniel walter and katherine all walked to georgia for a nice welcome treat out, and find to their disgust who did the dirty deed.
After the peninsula slits time with a throat, it opens and goes to mars via TELEPORTING WHEEL OF GOLDEN DECAY. The end.

Please take note.

I have disabled comments for this post due to the serious nature of what is being written. Please understand.

I have come to realize the Google Image results have yielded a healthy amount of traffic during the days of today and tomorrow. Take this chance to say hello to your mother and take note of how many times i've said the date of today. The will help the process. The man to your left will help through anything you may have to question authority.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A public service ANNOUNCMENT

The man pictured above is your average joe blow. But one thing sets him apart from the rest. What is that you might say?

You don't know, you say?

This my child is what happens when you mix SCIENECE and the FAITH OF THE GOD.


A quick update on the night.

So for this to be enjoyed, must one be the enjoyee? For this, I've considered having a foot transplant for the remainder of the night. During this time I thought LOST was over. Never have I been dead wrong! NEVER! Then it goes Clickety Clackity WHACK! Spending a night in jail does this to a man. Shakes his very core, his foundation. Morals out the window, demons out the back. How does this tie INTO LOST? Not quite, not yet; it's only taking off. After speakings with Lue Arme I was able to obtain a copy of danial cussack, doug lombardi, and a few friends From highschool From the corner From my friends. Enjoy this SCUMptious picture.
                                                                 Just look at the Pex On this Body!

With the current predicament getting and garnering the resources of the Curtis corner, the Reptilian Angel Demons will fly through the bard door and become monks. These monks will have special abilites. These special aBilities will have a special luBricating action. With the Ransacked Home in play, all is becoming clearer. Have, fun tonight, "children said to me."

Good evening, heathans.

This is the Kurtis Corner, and I'm Cowboy Kurtis; here to show you the ropes of the internet. This long, majestic stretch of tubing comes from all corners of the great U S of A; poking out from the tiniest corners of the corners of the most loving woman's house, to the run-on sentences of this post.

First and foremost, I'll be the first to tell you that this blog will soon become a mega-million corporation to reign over the corporate corners of the U S of A. However the poise, we will soon be offering positions into our banking division. But enough of these one two skip a dews. Take a look at my colonialism corner collection!