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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A quick update on the night.

So for this to be enjoyed, must one be the enjoyee? For this, I've considered having a foot transplant for the remainder of the night. During this time I thought LOST was over. Never have I been dead wrong! NEVER! Then it goes Clickety Clackity WHACK! Spending a night in jail does this to a man. Shakes his very core, his foundation. Morals out the window, demons out the back. How does this tie INTO LOST? Not quite, not yet; it's only taking off. After speakings with Lue Arme I was able to obtain a copy of danial cussack, doug lombardi, and a few friends From highschool From the corner From my friends. Enjoy this SCUMptious picture.
                                                                 Just look at the Pex On this Body!

With the current predicament getting and garnering the resources of the Curtis corner, the Reptilian Angel Demons will fly through the bard door and become monks. These monks will have special abilites. These special aBilities will have a special luBricating action. With the Ransacked Home in play, all is becoming clearer. Have, fun tonight, "children said to me."

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