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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When will you realize at the fact that you're being brainwashed.

"I'm so tired of acting tough, so now I do what I please. You can say I do, atleast. See ya at Hotel Yaba be glad to see ya later."

These are the words of a certain REPTILIAN OVER LORD that shall not be spoken of.

I update this post with some startling news.

For every star lit in the sky, it burns with a fiery passion of not knowing. This "not-knowing" fourmulae is time for a celebration. Careful not to fall in love with a girl. She loved the world, and the feelings were misleading. They must be fine, their hearts are still beating! Now don't consider cheating now, for the REPTILIAN OVER LORD couldn't think of a thing to do; their left brain knows something. If you begin to feel a little sick, you'll get over it. I can't upload pictures for now, but it'll be a while till the pow. Eat it slowly, eat it quick. I'll show you my dick.


  1. i really like your blog but idk about this brainwashing shit. i mean couldnt it all just beALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD

  2. My dear Jones, I can see that you have attempted HUMOR, and failed miserably thereafter. Here, let me help you. You will soon imagine two beings of almighty power with the aggressiveness of a beaver. These two will guide you to the Laughter Emporium. I applaud your attempt, but quickly retract my applaud and give you the BOOT.

  3. ......I don't really know what to say.

  4. I for one welcome our reptillian overlords. Or the robot ones.