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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reptilian Over Lords

Long has it been since they first spawned onto the planet via Boeing 747's, THE REPTILIAN OVER LORDS spawned the tube which would later be the foundation of all human technological breakthroughs; from grooming to toothpaste, it all started with THE REPTILIAN OVER LORDS.

LET us first begin by going over exactly how they got here. From the distant STAR OASIS 152, there was a leak of radiation out of the Chernobyl Distant Galaxy Nuclear Plant. It wad rumored the lead mechanic had a breakdown of hungry and decided the lizards he kept as pets (read: nuclear fission) when he was a child should be given a second life. Thus began the creation of the online video game SECOND LIFE. It had millions of devout loyalists in their colony who found it unreasonable to watch shows like Greta anatomy and the big bang theory. THUS lost was born; and the isalnd grew with power. AS the 5 Boeing 747's landed, the REPTILIAN OVER LORDS found refuge in the once balanced breakfast.

Once they made way to MARS, they constructed the water ponds of dissention and led the tube called Weasel XLR into the earths water faucet. Thus leading to the creation of life and balanced breakfast. These came to be known as "kneeanderfalls", if you will. These "kneeanderfalls" grew to the almighty faucet and found that remnants of the reptilian civilization had once indeed factored into the equation using two-bit adders and a bit of elbow grease. The admiration of these beings became "Christianity" and thier followers soon reached millions of thousands of voters in the upcoming election.

This is how the bush administration came into power.

Their reach was grand at first, but soon the commonday wizards and muffles soon saw thru their guise of insanity, leading to Bolshevik revolts in mid-eastern asia.


  1. Great blog, man!

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  2. You make some good points dude, I'll have to look into this stuff

  3. Thank you both! I'll be sure to check your blogs! Boy I sure have had a good reception of my blog since making it last night! I'm glad you all find the points I make interesting.

  4. the reptilian theory always gives me a cuckle

    check my blogs for sick politics/information about the likely economic collapse

  5. A cuckle, my dear son? I suggest you message me so I can give you the link of a Specialized REPTILIAN OVER LORD ANTI ALLIANCE doctor. They seem to have already put implants 12-A & 12-B into your surreal Cortex.

  6. uhhh what did i just read?

    and how do you know they are reptiles

  7. I know they are FOR I HAVE SEEN THEM WITH MY MORTAL EYES. I have to hide my identity, otherwise i'll be found out.