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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No more shenanigans

My dear children, I come to you now on a more serious note. As the artilery from the nearby military installation fires overhead; making their nightly test runs, I can't help but think how much of this once glourious country has been turned into nothing short of a police state with a twisted political system pulling all of the strings.

Ah. One, two, three, four, five... make that six! Seven... eight. Eight gun bursts. For what? My children, I do not jest when I say I am genuinely worried for us. Why are they testing all of this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? To start more wars! AGAIN! More artilery shot! WHY, AMERICA? WHY DO YOU LET *YOUR* GOVERNMENT TRAIN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SHEDDING MORE AND MORE INNOCENT BLOOD?

Obviously, because of the reptilian over lords. ...if only it were that simple.

On a lighter note, Planescape: Torment is a very fun game. I suggest you give it a try if isometric CRPG's are your style.

Untill next time, America.


  1. i would move man, you might get bombed from above

  2. I live next to Fort Hood. I wish I were kidding when it came to matters such as this.

  3. but could humans really govern their world better than the reptilians?

  4. of course of course
    the reptilians ahaha